Are you ready for a new challenge? Come join our team in Oslo

Who we are

We are a team passionate about everything we do. Passionate about collaboration apps, cloud services, network, media, infrastructure, and operations. Passionate about our customer engagement, support and their successes, making the customer the hero. Passionate about having fun @ work.

Company events

Our new offices at Skøyen, Oslo

What we do

We develop and operate cloud applications and infrastructure services for video conferencing and collaborations.

REC.VC enables any video conferencing user to record and stream video calls and meetings with ease. All in the cloud, one click away.

Selfie.VC is a self test cloud service enabling anyone to check that their video conference system is technically all set ahead of any video meetings.

UpTime.VC enables organizations to automate, schedule and record test calls to their video conference endpoints and virtual meeting rooms.

IVR.VC enables service providers and end customers to provide their users with unique and interactive video IVR cloud applications.

QoS.VC enables video conferencing users around the world to connect and collaborate with the best possible video quality.